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The Visible Spectrum seminar: introduction


Over the last few decades, shifts in the epistemic structure, as well as the technical infrastructure of academic inquiry, have opened up new sightlines between previously disparate areas and cultures of knowledge. Within the social sciences, the development of visual anthropology as a distinctive approach to the study of human reality, facilitated by the advent of more portable film equipment in the 1950s, has encouraged similar initiatives in neighboring disciplines. During the same period, an important strand within the visual arts has channelled the creative process into increasingly theoretical and disciplined formats and protocols, contributing to the establishment of artistic research as an academic field since the 1980s. Finally, the ongoing digitization of visual archives and the tentative incorporation of visual methods within various transdisciplinary settings have begun to undermine the traditional hegemony of the written word within the humanities. At the point of convergence between these largely independent lines of development, what comes into view is what we propose to call the visible spectrum - a range of interrelated practices and perspectives, all operating in sensory registers more or less closely tied to the visual, which together tend to short-circuit pre-existing disciplinary categories, sparking new lines of inquiry across traditional divides. The Visible Spectrum seminar series is dedicated to gauging this potential and exploring its impacts throughout a wide scope of academic fields.

On this first occasion, the organizers (Alyssa Grossman, Tyrone Martinsson, Andrej Slávik) will briefly present their current research as a background to an open-ended discussion of the seminar's aims and direction.

The Visible Spectrum seminar constitutes a part of and is funded by the GPS400 platform (http://gps400.gu.se).

Föreläsare: Alyssa Grossman, Tyrone Martinsson, Andrej Slávik

Datum: 2017-11-21

Tid: 13:00 - 15:00

Kategorier: Kulturstudier

Arrangör: Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper

Plats: Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper, Vera Sandbergs Allé 8
Vasa 2243

Kontaktperson: Andrej Slavik


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